Adventure Tours

We offer top of the line full suspension French Brand Moustache eBikes for a self-guided tour at several specific locations. 

Includes transport to and from your accommodation, half-day of eBike Heaven, safety equipment, maps with easy instructions for each trail, daypack, water, snack, photos and video.

This service is for Intermediate riders only. Trails range from grade 2 green trail – grade 4 blue trail.

  • Novice – No real experience riding a bike, does not understand how to change gears or brake.
  • Beginner – Can ride a bike, has balance, and understands how to change gears and brake.
  • Intermediate – Can ride most trails up to Grade 4 Blue trails.
  • Advanced – Show me it and I’ll ride it.

We provide you with:

  • Full-Suspension eBike
  • Safety gear
  • Transport
  • Maps for each trail
  • Photographer
  • Water & snack bar

Lake Dunstan Trail
Clyde / Cromwell

4 Lakes Loop
+ Bike Park

Coronet Peak , XC, Rude Rock, Hot Rod

Mt Rosa
Gibbston Valley

Isthmus Peak
Wanaka / Hawea

Welcome Rock

2023-01-26 14.33.21

Coronet Loop


Crown Peak
Crown Range


Ride to Paradise