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Do you know that eBiking is the new popular activity all around the world. Riding an eBike opens up many opportunities to connect meaningfully with your destination and experience freedom throughout Queenstown Lakes region.

A ride in Queenstown area offers invaluable gifts from nature, solves problems, and inspires great ideas. It doesn’t matter what the weather is  doing, there is always something magnificent about the view and the space.

We believe that eBiking is the key to a richer, more fulfilling experience, and we promise: once you feel the magic of your adventure, you will want to do it again and again.

Get Far and High
with Ride to the Sky

  • Fully Guided with Expert Local Guides
  • Small group Tours
  • Picturesque views and Hidden gems of Otago area
  • High quality top of the range Moustache eBikes
  • Exclusive trails
  • Suitable for all ages and skill levels
  • 5 star reviews
  • Complimentary Photos and Video

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Go Further, Faster, Longer.
Our Future with eBikes

An eBike is an answer to many questions and challenges of our time: Resource scarcity, Climate change, Urbanisation. Anyone who rides an eBike is travelling in a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way.

With our Tours we want to contribute to a climate-friendly future in which people are mobile in a Sustainable, Flexible and Fun way.

#1 Activity in Queenstown for the best scenery photos

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