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An eBike is a pedal assisted bicycle, with a built in electric motor that can be switched on or off to help with propulsion. They motor only works when the rider pedals. There are different power levels depending on the steepness of the climb.

“It’s like the hand of God helping you up the hill”

The type of bikes we ride are top of the line ‘Moustache eBikes’ made in France and imported to NZ by a local Queenstown company, which means all servicing is done right here in the resort. They are pedal assisted, half or full suspension mountain trail bikes.

There is no minimum age to ride an eBike, however there is a minimum height: 155cm.

Children age 4-9 years old can join the tour on the special bike attachment with the sit and pedals (looks almost like tandem bike)

  • Local personal guide
  • Top of the line Moustache eBike hire (pedal-assisted electric bike)
  • Protective wear, helmets, gloves, back pack, water bottle
  • Photos and video of the trip (unedited)
  • Transport and wine tastings (only for Wine Tour)


You are required to bring with you the following equipment for use:

  • Adequate hydration option
  • Closed Toe Shoes (Mandatory)
  • Additional Layers for elements (seasonally dependent)
  • Other additions may include: sunblock, sunglasses
The beauty of an eBike is it takes most of the hard work out of your climbs. You can have a lot or a little help from the motor as you please. Whilst a basic level of fitness is needed, we can customise a trip to suit any fitness level and riding ability. eBiking is also perfect for those with injuries as it is low impact and easy on the joints.
Our core business is the promotion and provision of one of the cleanest forms of activity (and certainly the most efficient!). Through eBiking we encourage environmentally conscious travel and sustainable business.